Statutory audit and BFRS Reporting
Statutory audit by the meaning of the word is prescribed by the statute under Companies Act in which auditor reports to the members of the company…Read More »
Risk-based Internal Audit
Everyone in the work place has a role in making sure that internal controls are working. It is up to mangers to set them up and check that they are working…Read More »
Governance, Risk and Compliance Services
AHKC is always available to render services to its clients with regard to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) to tackle the wide-ranging issues of…Read More »
Special/Forensic Audit
The procedure and approach of conducting a special/forensic audit is, in many ways, similar to the manner of conducting a regular financial audit, but…Read More »
Corporate Tax Service and Tax Planning
Well-organized and most efficient corporate tax planning can result in potentially substantial enhancements in bottom line of the business….Read More »
Tax Service for individual assesse
Presently the tax authorities have become more aware in increasing number of tax payers for substantial contribution in national revenue collection…Read More »
International Double Taxation Solution
International businesses are confronting with issues of double taxation. Therefore, income can be taxed in the country where it is received…Read More »
Services for VAT & AIT
Our VAT Specialists are ready to render services to the clients e.g. Advice on VAT registration and planning; VAT control and reconciliation…Read More »
Business Consultancy Services
AHKC works with the leading organizations in the country to deliver business consultancy services for collaborative solutions to business with…Read More »
Corporate Health Diagnosis
AHKC has developed a process as a means of monitoring the wellbeing and identifying incipient risks. It provides a quick, but thorough diagnosis…Read More »
MIS and IT Solution
The management information system (MIS) and IT Solution is an integrated, computerized and machine user system providing the required…Read More »
A commercial organization faces financial and operational challenges while operating in the industry. For this reason matter of restructuring issue…Read More »
Project Feasibility Study
AHKC’s panel of consultants performs project feasibility studies to assess individual or numerous development mixes and gives recommendation…Read More »
Training and Development
Training program benefits employees to acquire specific knowledge or skills to enhance performance in their current roles. Development gives emphasis…Read More »

Strong values have been at the heart of AHKC since its creation. We believe our strength is rooted in our seven core values. They guide us in our daily actions – how we behave and make decisions. They shape the culture and define the character of our Firm.